Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hello everybody! =]

I started in this business in my teens. I baked at home for too many years until I got my shop here in Francistown, Botswana. This shop is my dream come true! Hopefully now I can show everybody my wonderful creations...

Here are a couple of photos of my first cakes:

These where cakes that I made for my nephew on his 1st birthday last year. The photo on the top left is a teddy bear made of plastic icing on top of a piece of Madeira cake. The cake is wrapped in plastic icing as well to resemble a little gift bag with sweets for the kids. I surrounded the teddy bear with Smarties and lollipops. These where given to the children when the went home.
The soccer ball was a chocolate cake decorated with royal icing and plastic icing on the bottom. This took me quite along time to do but it was very enjoyable!
And finally, the Winnie the Pooh cake was made from the mould and it was chocolate. I basically decorated it the same way that I decorated the soccer ball cake- with the piping bag and a fine point. At the bottom, I spelt His name, Amaan, with plastic icing.